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The series

The six novels in this series each have their own merit and are intended to stand alone, but each have some characters in common and follow a chronological order. You are free to enjoy the series either in order or out of order.

Marker Stone

In this the first story, Sally Buds appears as a doctor on a space station and is concerned about the problems of low gravity syndrome. There she meets Ian Merryfield a shuttle pilot who helps her with an interesting puzzle. The station lost a mining probe in a mysterious region of space. While investigating this phenomenon, Merryfield takes Sally out to investigate and together they discover the first "fold" which leads to another star system. On their return, through an interesting series of bureaucratic coincidences, Sally is named as the captain of the first mission to the newly discovered planet New Ontario. Merryfield becomes her pilot under the command of Scott Anderson, his mentor and personal friend.


Homesick chronicles the mission to New Ontario and introduces the Masters, a totalitarian government as a grave threat to Earth. Here, as it turns out, planet New Ontario, the fourth planet in the new star system, turns out not to be empty. A civilization exists there, but does not appear to be in good repair. Cities have been abandoned, road systems are not used, and a decaying communication satellite remains in orbit unused. A closer inspection, however, yields a more gruesome story. Scott Anderson, the American astronaut is the first to land on New Ontario, and he quickly vanishes into the clutches of an evil regime known as The Masters. Can Sally and Ian rescue Anderson? And, when they do, can they ultimately free him from the mind control techniques they used to enslave their entire planet's population?

Web of Life

Web of Life introduces a secondary mission back to New Ontario in which Sally commands a military crew who are attempting to ensure that the Asian Economic Alliance, who has is suspected to have been in secret communication with the Masters. The mission does not go well, however. Within New Ontario's star system Sally's ship travels through another Fold into yet another star system and another type of space. There they face the threat of an unseen beast that haunts the captured Japanese ship and threatens to hunt them down.


In Splashdown, the fourth book of the series, Sally has been appointed space commissioner and is presiding over the aftermath of Earth's first colonial war. Baltan City tried to declare independence, which precipitated a violent and polarizing conflict. In the midst of this new cold war, an Earth ship from the future is entering the system and appears to be approaching Baltan. Sally and Ian must represent Earth on Baltan and call a truce long enough to investigate. The ill-fated mission launched 20 years after the day Sally Buds sets foot on Baltan involved the testing of an engine capable of creating its own fold. The results were disastrous. The crew of the Alliance ship Ultrablitz is still alive, technically, but they've been in transit for 1300 years in an attempt to stop their own mission. They arrived a bit early.

Infinity Machine

In Infinity Machine, Sally is fulfilling her post as space commissioner on Baltan and is acting as one of the first ambassadors to an alien society known as the Szzzyyyxx. These insect-like creatures have proven to be both friendly and hospitable. But in the midst of this new friendship, Sally must ask their help. A strange faction has appeared on New Ontario and they are building a massive machine that appears to be warping space and time. Its creator, an alien not from space but from a future Earth is an advanced human with advanced abilities, but with no regard for the affairs of primitive human beings. His people are attempting to re-shape human history to their own end and ultimately to control the multiverse. But the shortsightedness of the Benefactor allows the creation of a disaster that could destroy everything.

Window in the Sky

In Window in the sky, Sally's friendship with the Szzzyyyxx deepens. This time, however, it is the Szzzyyyxx that need her help. Some of their ships have vanished into a mysterious fold that doesn't appear to go anywhere. On closer investigation they discover that it leads to the orbit of a black star. When they travel there, they discover a planet in orbit of this star, just within the event horizon. There they find a machine that can change history. By accident, the previous Szzzyyyxx mission found themselves interacting with Earth people from decades past. Through a colossal accident they change the outcome of the cold war and put Soviet Russia in charge of the future of Earth. Sally has to risk all to put things right.