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Podiobooks.com Rules!

Simply put, I cannot say enough good things about Podiobooks.com and am happy to be able to have anything to do with them. I believe that organizations like this that support art for the sake of art and give new writer's a real forum are the hope of literature as we know it. As a writer I also appreciate reading good science fiction and listening to it as well. Podiobooks.com has given me a whole new way to enjoy my commute. This page is dedicated to my personal recommendations of good podiobooks. I am not a critic, but I will make a fair assessment of how I felt that each book impacted me. I will post no negative reviews. If I truly hated a book, which hasn't happened yet, I'll keep that to myself. All reviews are organized by the authors.

Nathan Lowell's world

Of Nathan Lowell's works, I have read Quarter Share, Half Share, Full Share, and Double Share, or rather I have listened to them. I find Nathan Lowell to be an excellent podcaster and I find his reading to be clear and consistent. The books above are centered on the career of Ishmael Wong. Listening to the first book, my only concern was that there was little obvious conflict. Wong never actually had any enemies and much of his goals were met with relative ease. On the other hand, when we get to Double Share, things get MUCH more interesting. My advice to new listeners for Nathan Lowell is to start with Quarter Share, but if you start to lose interest, skip ahead to Double Share. After that, you'll want to go back to the earlier books for background.

Scott Sigler

I read Ancestor, by Scott Sigler. This is an interesting book to say the least, and I must say that the idea of cow-spotted carnivores was in itself an incredible image. I also liked much of the character development and the ingenuity involved. If you like hard-driving action, this is for you. There is nothing subtle about this. Relationships are simplified, action is the only driving force and a lot of people die before you can really get to know them.

Phil Rossi

I have listened to Phil Rossi's Crescent, and found it to be a unique experience. Honestly, this is the first time I would say that reading the book would be a lesser experience to listening to it. Rossi is an incredible entertainer and his musical talent and care with audio effects work together to create a real show. The story itself is quite bizarre but surprisingly believable. Its film noir in space at its best.