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Welcome to the writings of Paul J. Joseph All books are available on Amazon.com

Latest News

The Railas Verdict Book Signing August 31, 2:PM at 2nd and Charles!

Join us at 2nd and Charles in Fayetteville, North Carolina for a golden salute to The Railas Verdict, book four of the Turing Files!

Along with The Railas Verdict, all the other book will be available for signing. Join us between 2:PM and 5 for some good company and good conversation. 2nd and Charles is a fascinating place with more than just books. The good staff at 2nd and Charles are book lovers as well as sellers, and they offer a large assortment of games and other memorobilia as well as my favorite! DVDs!

In addition to books on my table, I will have a display of other items including 3-D models of Romo himself and a few other giveaways for interested parties.

May 23, 2016 All books now available in print, Kindle, and on audio. The series is now DONE and available to anyone who wants to read it.

It has been a long time in coming, but the series is now on paper as well as Kindle and audio. It has been twenty years since that lonely night in that office in Nebraska where I first wrote about Ian Merryfield and Sally Buds. Since then, I have moved to North Carolina, worked teaching the bright new film makers of the future (some of them not so much). I have married again and had a son. I have had great friendships and had great friends move on from me. For a while I was chair of my department and I have learned how to print 3-D models. Wow, it's been a while. Now I am done, and am enjoying the feeling before the next project emerges. Thank you to all my readers.

January, 2016 Completion of Largest Ultrablitz Model

What does a writer do in his spare time? All kinds of crap! But, seriously, somehow I got into 3-D printing. Or, more to the point, 3-D printing fell into my lap. If I had sought it out, it would have been a VERY expensive hobby, but this way it's faculty development. I teach video production, so how does that work out? Well, it started out as 3-D computer graphics for video, print, and virtual reality. using the Lightwave program I can make all manner of 3-D graphics. Also, using Google Sketch and similar programs I had been designing 3-D models for a while. And, while trying to make the book cover for Splashdown, I decided to build a 3-D model of the Ultrablitz. Then, as part of a grant by the science department, I am asked to collaborate in testing 3-D printing technology. Then I found that the model I printed didn't have enough resolution to really read the name, so I made a larger version. Still not good enough. And, as I made one yet larger, I decided to try to incorporate the interior. Why not? well, here is the largest completed version so far! I call it the Ultrablitz Mega. It has a working shuttle bay and a visible pilot area. I even installed lights!

June, 2015 First Actual Book Signing

Thanks once again to Amazon and Create Space for making it possible to print my books on actual paper and to market them that way to the world! Yes, in June of 2015 I was able to pile my books onto a table and actually show them to potential readers. And, though my signature looks like crap, at least now I can give it with my books to all those who want it! The event was reasonably well attended, though at the time I only had available Marker Stone, Homesick, and Infinity Machine.

May 23, 2013 Splashdown Goes Live on Podiobooks and Kindle

Yes, it's finally available! Like Web of Life, Splashdown is a long story and it took some time to narrate, but it is now done. Splashdown is available on Podiobooks.com, which was the first home for all of this series. Once again, I thank Evo Terra for all that he has done to make this available to this audience. It is also available for Kindle, which is yet another new technology that has provided opportunities for writers.

As with my previous books, I will be publishing a wrap-up and a sample chapter from Infinity Machine, which is the next book in the series. This book is much smaller than Splashdown, so it should be available sooner. Thank you all for your patience!

January 2, 2013 Splashdown cover design finalized!

With great apology to those of you who have been waiting, I have finally finished the design for Splashdown. Since a novel is often first known by its book, I felt this was an important consideration and I can only do so much at a time. Please write and let me know what you think!

The model of the ship is true to form exactly as it appears in the story, by the way.

February 24, 2012 Homesick Passes first judging on The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award!

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is an annual contest for new authors, particularly those who use Createspace. This contest started at the beginning of the year and it appears to be quite legitimate. Entrants were asked to write a 300 word pitch, submit the first 5,000 words, and provide a copy of the manuscript. Each of these would determine how far into the contest they got. The first pool was 5000 submissions, of which 1000 would move on to the next step. As of today, Homesick is listed as one of those 1000. If March 20 is as successful, the entire manuscript will be in the hands of a panel of judges who might consider it for potential publication and possibly a winning entry in the contest. As far as I am concerned, even having the first 5000 words read by a panel of judges is quite a significant victory in publishing circles. Thanks again to all who have supported my work on Podiobooks, which will always be my work's first and most beloved home.

December 24, 2011 Web of Life Goes completed on Podiobooks.com and on Kindle

Those of you who have listened to Web of Life will know that it is a long story and very different from Homesick. This made the project itself more complex and time consuming. But it is done now and I am exhausted and relieved. As of this writing, Web of Life is now available on Kindle for a modest price of about $2.00. It is also available to listen to on podiobooks for free! Please enjoy and please comment. I am gearing up for Splashdown, but am taking a short break before beginning!

July 16, 2011 Web of Life Goes Live on Podiobooks.com

Yes, at last the time has come! Thanks to all of you who have been waiting patiently, and I sincerely hope that you find it worth the wait. Web of Life is a very different book than Homesick, and it is quite longer, but my hope is that you will find it to be every bit as good an experience. To attend the official launch party on line, click here!

May 1, 2011 The Project wins honorable mention in Skyfest V Film and Script Festival

We just got word yesterday that The Project received honorable mention in the fifth annual Skyfest Film and Script Festival out in Ashville NC. The festival did not include an actual showing, but it was judged with many other works and it did place on the list. We should also mention that 33 Cents, a film produced by Jerry Taylor, who also worked on The Project, won a certificate of excellence.

April 17, 2011 The Project Accepted into the Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival

We have just received word that our most major independent film project, The Project, has just been accepted into the Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival! This festival will take place this summer, from June 3rd to June 5th, and we are hoping to attend. Naturally, we hope The Project wins an award, but even if not we are honored to be a part of this event and consider this to be a victory. Updates will be posted as they come in. Official information can be found at www.pittsburghhorrorfilms.com

January 8, 2011 Window In The Sky Completed!

Window in the sky will most likely be the very last story featuring Sally Buds, Ian Merryfield, and most of the other familiar characters they interacted with. While most of the novels in this series were produced within a year, more or less, this one took close to six years. The story was started at least twice, and different versions of many of the chapters existed for a while. In short, Window In The Sky was a horrible mess for a very long time. In the writing of the first draft of any of these novels, each chapter was written separately, and later combined into a complete story. Before this happens, these novels appeared only as piles of chapters stacked up in some reasonable order, or not. In this case, the whole thing became an eyesore, and I was quite sure it would never be finished.

Why did it take so long? Good question! First of all, during the time I wrote this novel, my responsibilities grew dramatically. I was married again, inherited the position of department chair of communications at the university, and built a house. I also produced two movies and attempted to learn PHP. Yes, that would make things a little less efficient, but that wasn't the only reason. Simply put, this story was far more complicated than any of the previous ones, and it enters realms where I don't normally go. Also, quite frankly, I had to learn and grow a lot before I would have been able to write this story. In its current form, Window In The Sky is still a bit rough, but it is together as a complete writing. Window in the Sky tips the scales at 893 double-spaced pages.

What happens next?

As in all novels in the series, the first draft is the hardest to complete. From there, it will get another detailed read at least before a second draft can be considered done. I will also be creating the cover design, by tradition, and finalizing the chapter names. The remaining part of the game plan will be to publish all works on Kindle, and continue narrating them for Podiobooks.

October 2010 Little By Little Completed

A new short story is now being officially added to our list. Little by Little is not science fiction, nor does it really resemble much of my other work in that it goes slightly into the mystical. It is unclear whether or not it will be offered to Asimov's Science Fiction. Please enjoy


October 2010 The Project is featured in the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival

On October 7th and 9th The Project was screened in the Lampe theatre in Smithfield North Carolina as part of the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival along with a variety of other independent films produced by local film makers. Present were both producers, myself and Jerry Taylor with our families. The Project received an award for best visual effects. This was the first official public showing of The Project and it was well received.

The Project was created in high definition with 5.1 Surround Sound, and is now being replicated on both Blu-Ray and DVD formats. It can be seen on imdb.com, where our cast and crew are also featured.

Part of the success of The Project had to do with the incredibly complex visual effects. Based on the response from the various audiences who have seen the movie, these effects were effective.

November 2009 Continued Work on The Project Exceeds Estimates

tunel The Project sounded like a simple idea two years ago when it first appeared as an update to a short story I wrote in college. It is a simple story, mostly about a man who is trying to enter a room he was told not to. At first glance, it was thought that this story, then called "The Eye" would not really work visually, so it seemed a poor choice for our latest film project. Once we all agreed on that I immediately started working on a script, which I knew we would all agree would be horrible. Well, a week later the group was sold on the idea and we began casting the characters and planning locations. The beauty of it was that it was still a simple idea. A man walks through the corridors of a soul-less corporation in an attempt to gain access to The Chamber. Along the way he remembers certain key events which we also had to shoot. Still simple. Designing an alien creature was a bit of a challenge, however. It would only appear on the screen for a few seconds but it took about six months to make that happen. All the rest was special effects. Easy, right? We are currently designing video to have taken place within the mind of the character. Nothing seen in this sequence is real, and the basic framework is visual effects that are completely fabricated on the computer. The problem was that each frame of that animation took four hours to generate. Some took longer than that. So far it has taken most of the summer and all of the last two months to begin the process of creating this final sequence. A feat that was originally supposed to take only a few days. Welcome to the world of film making! As much as I would love to be done with this, I cannot be until it is done. For this reason, other projects have been delayed. Thank you all for your patience, those of you who are waiting for the reading of Web of Life.

September, 2009 Jim Wins Contest Drawing

The summer was a busy one, but I keep my promises. The drawing for the original manuscript for Homesick was carried out on September 22 and the final Bonus chapter of Homesick was uploaded at that time. Jim, who works in security won the drawing, which was done during the actual recording! Along with this manuscript, Jim received a paper copy of Marker Stone and one of the first commercially produced DVD copies of Ultimate Case. I hope these items are worth a great deal of money some day!

July 6, 2009 Live interview on Podioracket.com

A few minutes ago I had a rare opportunity to share a few words with some fellow writers! Podioracket.com has proven to be a great resource and a great opportunity to meet some great people Rhonda Carpenter was a delightful host and lead a great discussion.

July 6, 2009 Homesick is complete! Listen to it on Podiobooks.com

Some of my listeners have been visitors on this site for some time, so I'm preaching to the choir here, but this was clearly a landmark for me. It took quite a while to read and edit Homesick, but I feel that the final product speaks for itself. The final chapter of Homesick also includes a brief preview of Web of Life, the next story in line.

July 1, 2009 Shooting complete on The Project

This weekend principle photography was officially finished as the famous "alien" scene was completed. We will be posting production images shortly.

March 11, 2009 Marker Stone goes live on Podiobooks.com

I'm pretty sure you all know this already because I can't honestly think of any other reference to my website in existence but its mention in my pages on podiobooks. In any case, welcome and thank you for listening. I hope you find it an enjoying experience.

March 3, 2009 Ian Sampson Joseph is born!

For most of my life I resisted the idea of having children. Can you believe the major reason was that they might somehow interfere with my writing? Well, in the 44 years of my life and the 15 years I've been intently focused on writing, writing has given nothing back to me other than the satisfaction of doing it. I may very well die unpublished and unremembered as a writer, film maker, and photographer, but were it not for my wife and Ian, I would not be remembered at all. Thank you, God for my son.

March 9, 2009 Homesick Podcast is Officially Commisioned

Now that Marker Stone is live on podiobooks.com I have to take advantage of the momentum. I have six novels that have never seen the light of day outside my immediate family and friends. Podcasting is the printing press of this generation and I am delighted to share my words with all who will listen.

March 10 2009 Code Red Extraction completed

Just when I think I'm done with writing another piece of inspiration comes out of the blue. Code Red Extraction deals with the health care system in America and the amazing potential of the current administration for change. This is guaranteed to be offensive, but I don't think it'll be boring.

March 6, 2009 Editing Progress on The Project

Jerry and I reached the end of principle editing stage one over the weekend. We have the basic action edited from end to end. the next step will be fine-tuning on edits, shading, and audio sweetening.