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Welcome to the writings of Paul J. Joseph All books are available on Amazon.com

Independent Film

My colleagues and I create independent films for entry into film festivals. It is a maddeningly difficult art at the time, but we will never stop. Some of our films were based on short stories I wrote years ago.

The Project

This film, now completed is based on the short story The Eye, and can be seen in greater detail at the above link. The story is shot in High Def video at 1080i and presented in 5.1 surround sound. Our cast include actors from all over NC including Louis Gagnon and Lee Armstrong.

The Ultimate Case

The ultimate case is based upon the story of the same name. This project was shot with a $500.00 grant that paid for only a small fracture of the costs involved. It was shot first with local actors and then re-shot with professionals form all around NC, most notably Ted Johnson and Les Puryear. It is currently in distribution.