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Welcome to the writings of Paul J. Joseph

First of all, I would like to thank all readers, listeners, and supporters of my writings and other creative works. An author is nothing without an audience and no artist can develop without putting their work in the context of those they do it for. If my work inspires you in any way, I have made a difference. If you reconsider your life based on the way my characters solve their problems and how they view their lives, then it is possible that I have shared some insight with you, and hopefully useful insight. If you remember my stories years after you have read them, then you have proven that a good story goes beyond its writing. It is something that no human being can really create. It must somehow exist on some level we can't understand and we have the honor of giving it some kind of substance. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Writing Goes Beyond Publishing and Publishing Goes Beyond Publishers

There, I've said it! A person who writes is a writer. A writer facilitates the creation of stories. Stories live beyond writers and some stories are the basis for civilization itself. To say that a story can only exist if a publisher is willing to publish it is sheer lunacy. A philosopher once said that any legitimate work of art has as much reason for being as the earth and the sun. I don't know who said this, but it was written in bold letters on the main building of the Massachusetts College of Art, and it is basically the only thing of value that I have taken from the experience of attending this school for one year. Writers need publishers, but stories don't. Now I believe we are on the verge of proving this once again.

The greatest stories ever written are often rejected by the publishing entities that existed at the time they were written. Many of the greatest classic writers died poor and relatively unknown, but their stories lived on, driven by whatever great force of creative will inspired their creation in the first place. This is the ultimate publisher. Whether they would have been popular or lucrative at the time is almost irrelevant. I am an author who writes what I am given to write. I don't know where it comes from, but I know it's there. If it one day forms the basis for philosophies that go beyond me, I am humbled. If I attempt to write what I believe will sell, I will lose the one thing that I truly have to offer the universe.

The publishing industry means well, but it is an industry. That means that it is driven by what sells. Cookies sell, pork skins sell, and so do cigarettes. Good wine is expensive and only the few connoisseurs can appreciate it, but the masses buy the cheapest labels on the shelves and don't know the difference. A successful writer writes to the formula, creating the equivalent of Thunder Bird for those who read not for insight but to massage their brains with those things that never challenge them to think. There is a place for romance, action, violence, and even sex, but those things are not what good stories are about. Good stories can contain these things, but that is not why they are there. This means that good readers who crave good writing must sift through rivers of crap before encountering those few nuggets of value, and these are few and far between.

The People Decide

Since the creation of the printing press, writing went from horribly expensive to relatively cheap. But even with comparatively cheap publishing of books, there is still some people who get to decide what is worth investing the money necessary to print. With less readers but larger bookstores, the stakes rise. Somehow we have trusted the big names to decide what we read. And they may not have right on their side. The Internet is the printing press of a new generation, and it is new enough that it has not yet been ruined by runaway commercialism, or at least not completely ruined. Grass-roots groups of readers and writers are now able to share the greatest wonders of the universe without labeling them with a price tag. Thank you,

I don't ask for massive amounts of money for my creative works, though that would be nice. I only ask for an audience and the chance to share what I have been given. I don't want to beg for this privilege. I feel that it is the right of every human who puts pen to paper. If you have chosen to read or listen to my work, you do me a kindness. If you find it pleasing, you justify the time and effort I have put into it over the last few decades I have labored. If you don't like my work, my hope is that it was not meant for you. No hard feelings. I hope you find other stories you do like. My final hope in this relationship is that you will either love my work or hate it, but not that you would be left indifferent to it. The best complement I ever received from a short story I submitted was that somebody found it "offensive." At least they read it and reacted to it. If they found nothing there they were not expecting, then reading my work would have been a waste of time.

Thank You

I have only now just begun working with and I have no idea how successful my work will be there. But, even if this venture proves to be completely futile, I still believe that represents the only real hope for the writer and the reader. Those who labor to provide this service are supporting creativity itself. They provide the forum that makes possible the evaluation of new writing, and they do so successfully and with no bias. If my relationship with yields success beyond this forum, I will never forget where I came from and who was the first to give me a chance. I also must thank for sharing the voices of other writers with me. Some stories I have loved, some I have not as much, but all I have respected. I extend thanks right now to all those who manage and support, all who contribute and all who listen.

Thank You

In my struggle to become a writer, I have had very few allies. It goes without saying that my readers are automatically allies, as are my listeners and the above mentioned run by Evo Terra. But my other true friend in this business has been Amazon. Yes, Amazon! I have met and argued with many authors and book junkies who HATE Amazon. And many of them don't consider Amazon-based publishing legitimate. Screw them! Let's start with Kindle. Kindle is a miracle that has been in the works for a long time! It takes all of the production cost out of publishing books. It also removes transportation costs, and everything bad about the shopping experience. What did it cost me to publish on Kindle? Nothing! How about that? At this writing I have had very few Kindle sales, but that is a marketing issue. The honest truth, however that NOBODY can deny is that, through Kindle, ANYONE can get access to all of my books instantly, and for a fair price for them and a fair profit for me. Were it not for Kindle, this would not be true. I OWE AMAZON for this! Then, if that weren't enough, their print-on-demand makes it possible for me to produced actual printed books that I can sign at book signings and that can adorn the bookshelves of my readers. Why is this important? Well, technically, the Kindle revolution should have been bigger, but there is something incredibly legitimate about holding a paper copy of a book. Also, you can't display ebooks on your book shelves and brows the titles in a library. Also, for years, I could never have book signings because I really had nothing to sign. Best of all, the publishing scheme was fair! Again, I did all of this with virtually no money invested! I can pay eight to ten dollars for a proof copy of a book. My traditional writer friends scoff at this and point out various self-publishing presses that they consider legitimate. All of those would charge me various packages that would always involve me shelling out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Well, no, Amazon didn't do that. Amazon gave me a chance, and for basically NOTHING! Why would I want to go with somebody who wants to make money off of me up front? Those are my enemies. Amazon is my friend. If I live long enough to be 100 I will sing their praises and respect what they have given me. Their motives are not important to me. They have made me a friend for life! Those who refuse to carry my books because they are printed by Amazon are not my firends and will never get my business.

Thank You Fiona Jayde

It is no secret that I have to do my writing, publishing, and marketing on a narrow budget. When I could make an investment in cover design, however, I have found Fiona to be, not only fair, but incredibly talented as well. She designed the covers for Homesick and Infinity Machine, and I couldn't be happier with them. I would recommend Fiona Jayde to anyone who wants to create a professional-looking cover for their work. Not all writers can do that, and some writers probably shouldn't. I have come a long way in producing my own covers, and some of my earlier ones were HIDEOUS. Fiona's work is top notch, but I was unable to invest in her work for all of my covers. I am particularly proud of my own covers for Marker Stone, Web of Life, Splashdown, and Window in the Sky.

Window in the Sky Available on Kindle and Nook

Window in the Sky is the final book in the series. In this story, Sally must solve a mystery for the Szzzyyyxx Mother. Two ships have gone missing and Sally's rescue Mission exposes a terrible threat to the history of Earth itself.

Infinity Machine Available on Kindle and Nook

Infinity Machine is the fifth book in the series. This story returns Sally to New Ontario and furthers Earth's relationship with the Szzzyyyxx.

Splashdown Available on Kindle and Nook

Yes, book 4 of the Sally Buds saga is now available on Kindle and Nook for immediate download. you can also listen to Splashdown on podiobooks right here!

Web of Life on Kindle and Nook

Book 3 of the Sally Buds saga is offered in digital format on Kindle and Nook for your enjoyment. you can also listen to it right here!

Homesick on Kindle and Nook

Book 2 of the Sally Buds saga is a must-read and it helps set the stage for all the other stories. it is now offered in digital format on Kindle only. you can also listen to it right here!

Marker Stone on Kindle and Nook

Book 1 of the Sally Buds saga is intended as an introduction to the characters. This short novella is offered at a very low price and should provide a good introduction to what follows. If you like what you see, there is much more! If you are already familiar with Sally, this may be light reading, but will flesh out some of the details in the background. In any case, this is a quick read and a fast paced adventure that won't boggle the mind too much. you can also listen to it right here!